The Journey

(2 minute read)
by Anne Lowe


‘Please enter destination’

Gerald pressed in the letter keys for Bosforth Hall and Spa, Oakhampton and smiled at the girl sitting by his side.

“Just the place,” said Gerald with a satisfied grin. “Somewhere nice and quiet where nobody knows us,” he said as he wiped away the sweat which glistened on his bald head.  He turned up the air con and opened the window.  “I can’t wait to get out of this heat and into that pool to cool off.”

“That sounds a good idea,” replied Sarah. “It’s so hot today.” She also opened her window, but not too much to ruin her new hairdo.  “What did you tell your wife?”

“I told her I was going away on a team bonding exercise, hee hee.  Well, that’s what it is,” said Gerald, as he gave Sarah’s thigh a quick squeeze.

‘You’ll never get away with it.’  The voice seemed to come out of nowhere.

“What the …? ” said Gerald looking around.  “It seems to be coming from my new sat nav.  Is this someone’s idea of a joke?  I bet it’s the mechanic at the garage having a laugh at my expense, after I told him to shove his overpriced bill up his fat arse.  They’ve obviously messed about with my new top of the range Tom Tom.”

Sarah wasn’t convinced.  In spite of the heat, she shivered.  She had a feeling it was listening to her every word and Sarah had never heard of a satellite navigation system having a mind of its own.  Then again, Gerald was probably right.  Her knowledge of mechanics was less than nil, whereas her boss seemed to know everything.  They drove along in stunned silence, now and again casting wary glances at the dashboard.

‘After 200 yards, turn right at the next roundabout, arsehole.’

Ignoring the last word, Gerald turned his attention to his companion.  “Don’t worry darling,” he whispered slyly, “after tonight, I’ll make sure you get your promotion.”  To emphasise the point, he gave her thigh another squeeze.

‘Liar!’  The voice again came from the dashboard.

“That’s it!  I’m turning the bloody thing off.  I think I know the way.”

Sarah wasn’t so sure.  As she settled back in her seat and looked at the passing scenery, she noticed how the road had narrowed and the traffic had disappeared.  She looked for a sign, but couldn’t see one.

After driving for over an hour, Gerald suddenly slapped his palms on the wheel.  “I think I’m lost.”

‘Turn right, turn right dickhead,’ came the voice from the speakers.

“I thought I’d turned that damned thing off.”

“I think we’d better do as it says,” said Sarah.  “We could be driving around all day.”

“Okay,” said Gerald irritably.  He didn’t like being told what to do.  Things weren’t going as he’d planned.  By now they should be enjoying a cooling dip, followed by a relaxing massage.  The dinner and then what was to come after, had kept him going all week.  “This heat is really getting to me.  The first thing I’m going to do when we’ve checked in is dive in that pool.”

He didn’t see the sign ahead that said ‘Danger Deep Drop’ until he felt himself flying through the air, with Sarah’s scream ringing in his ears.  As the water gushed through the open window, the last thing he heard was the voice of the sat nav.

‘You have reached your destination.’

Copyright © 2021 – Anne Lowe. All rights reserved.

About the Author 

I spend my spare time planning my next murder, the plotting, the place, my next victim.  Will it be a neighbour, a so-called friend, a lover who betrayed me?  I’m hoping it won’t be long before you find out.  Just to reassure you, I’m really a nice person! Love, Anne.

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