(Pocket Poetry)
by John Moody


river transparent turquoise-hue
stretched thin as hosiery
under rocking yachts

water silken five denier 
stretched under mountains
stapled by electric pylons

reflecting farther shore
a faraway train-line
runs like a laddered stocking

Copyright © 2022 – John Moody. All rights reserved.

About the Author 

John Moody

John lives on Scotland’s Clyde estuary.  His work has been published in Dawntreader, Dreich magazine, Writers Umbrella, The SquawkBack, Pure Slush Books  Southlight and Coin-Operated Press.  He was Shortlisted for the EarlyWorks Press poetry competition in 2019 and 2020, and placed third in Scottish Association of Writers Short story competition in 2017.

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