What is Pocket Fiction?

Pocket Fiction is a digital platform to showcase short stories from different writers and authors around the world. The idea was pulled out of the back pocket of Stevie Metcalfe after getting one of her own short stories ‘London Lies’ published in it’s very own pocket-sized book, back in 2015.

The next 5 years were largely taken up by raising a young family whilst stealing snippets of time to read and write more short stories. Stevie set herself a challenge to read 100 short stories in 100 days and her love for the form deepened. She realised that there must be thousands of written stories out there, hidden away in computer files, collecting digital dust and dying to be read and so the idea of Pocket Fiction was born.

This is a place for readers to come and choose a short story to read whilst they have a spare 5-20 minute break from life. And a place for budding writers to get their short stories out of their dark drawers and into the light of life by being read and enjoyed.

Whether you’re a reader or writer, welcome to our venture!

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Happy reading!