100 Word Short Story
Competition WINNER Announced!!

We asked you to send us your Drabbles (a short story in precisely 100 words, not including the title). It was an open genre competition so you could let your imagination run wild and you didn’t disappoint! There were so many brilliant entries but we could pick only one winner.

DAVID LOWIS – you have won £10, publication here, social media platforms AND featured on our podcast (episode coming soon!)

by David Lowis

The Future Children

In the cosmic planes, the future children laughed and played.

On Earth, an estate agent, Darlene, showed a young couple round a house. “It’s got three bedrooms,” she said. “Two for future children.” Darlene shared a smile of understanding with the couple.

Some years later, Darlene returned to value the house for sale. On greeting the couple, she noticed that the dimmer switch had been turned down in their eyes.

Darlene peered into the two spare bedrooms. One served as a study; the other was a home for gym equipment.In the cosmic planes, the future children sat quietly, waiting.

David Lowis Copyright © 2022. – All rights reserved.

David Lowis lives in Surrey, England. He writes mainly micro-fiction with the occasional foray into longer pieces when time permits. You can find him at:

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